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November 27th, 2005

12:53 am
Someone PLEASE explain to me how having a boyfriend puts your ovaries up on a shelf? Sudden there is no girl time or alone time for that matter. Constently runnign around never home. Bull Shit... I hate when i see so many young women completely killing themselves for a guy. or for any relationship for that matter.

When are we women gonna stand up and realize that relationships do not define us. They are a way to express and experienceourselves but they are NOT US!. you are not your job, your school, your parents, your boyfriend, your friends, your clothes or your car. You are YOU...and the statement "I Am" is SOOO powerful. Lets learn to use it and empower women to the next level!

Come on Girls...lets cheer each other on instead of competing. Lets help one another isntead of back stab. We all know women have the higher intelligence emotionally...lets use it to our advantage!!!!

Thats all I had right now. Respond.
Current Mood: livid

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