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June 9th, 2005

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04:22 pm - problems w/ my guy
hello everyone, im new and i just want sum advice on my guy. *i have posted in this in other places too* ok well first off we've been going out for a long time and he hardly ever calls me but when i call him he is bored.. *hmmm* and its summer now and he said he would be gone to his moms house for the first 3 weeks but he said that he would call me. well its like 4 weeks and i havent even heard from him. well im relly mad b/c i relly love him and it hurts that he hasnt even called me in over 3 weeks when he said he would. well wat do you think i should do?

^~^ ren
Current Mood: confusedwhat do i do?
Current Music: Starless- Crossfade

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